A Guide to Breast Augmentation Surgery


Reading up about any surgery before you undergo one is always a wise decision. Getting a Breast Augmentation Surgery is a major decision and must be taken with full knowledge of the effects of the surgery. There have been cases of the surgery not producing the desired results, and there are some significant risks involved with this type of surgery.

The surgery can be done under local anesthesia though most women get the procedure done under general anesthesia. The procedure in itself can last anywhere from an hour to several hours and the recovery time in the hospital will also depend upon the type of surgery.

One of the most fundamental factors in getting a Breast Augmentation Surgery done well is choosing the right doctor for the procedure. The doctor should be able to discuss a variety of questions pertaining to his experience. He should also discuss in depth whether the patient is eligible for the procedure and if so, what type of implant and the shape size and texture of the implant. You can use PSTakeCare to make an online doctor appointment and check if you are comfortable with the doctor. In fact, it is recommended that you talk to multiple doctors and choose the one you feel has the best plan for your surgery.

Once you have decided to get the procedure, you must then decide on the type of implant you want. One of the most common types of breast implant is the silicone implant. These come in both soft and firm silicone and also have different types of coating. The softer implant feels more natural but the chances of it rupturing are higher than that of the firm variety.

Another type of implant is a saline implant. This is considered safer than the silicone implant as if it ruptures, the saline solution is just safely absorbed or passed out of your body. However, the chances of this implant to rupture are higher. It is also prone to wrinkling or folding and does not feel as natural as the soft silicone implant.

Breast implants can be placed either between the chest muscle and the breast or under the chest muscle. Both conditions have their pros and cons and you must discuss the same with the doctor regarding which option is best suited for you.

Your surgeon will also explain to you that breast implants do not last a lifetime. Most women need some surgery every ten years due to issues with the implant or their breasts have changed around the implant.

After the procedure, you must not drive for the first couple of weeks and will need to take a week off from work. You should not lift any heavy objects for the first couple of months and your doctor will recommend that you wear only a sports bra for the first three months after the surgery. Some common side affects you will face are bruising, temporary swelling, pain and some tightness around the chest area.

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