8 Ways To Keep Your Lady Bits Happy, Healthy And Safe



Ladies! How do you keep your lady parts bits? Are you even giving your lady parts that tender loving care it well-deserved? But the bigger question is, how do you take care of that special body part?


There are more ways than one on how to keep your lady parts happy, healthy and safe


1. Wash daily lukewarm water

One fantastic thing about our female genetalia is their ability to clean themselves. How? Through discharge. However, it is still advisable to wash once a day with lukewarm water. Thanks to smart innovations, we can now clean our intimate parts with bidets like the Clean Sense dib 1500r. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll just put yourself at risk for irritation.

2. Pat dry, don’t wipe

Wiping can cause not only irritation but also cross-contamination if done the wrong way, which is why it is more advisable to pat dry after washing. Gently wipe from front to back. Also, remember never to use the same wipes or toilet paper twice.

3. Choose your undies wisely

Not only are tight-fitting underwear uncomfortable, but they can also trap moisture which can cause problems later on. It is best to stick to breathable undies like cotton panties and steer clear from thongs.

4. Go commando

There are tons of reasons going bare when sleeping is beneficial. For one, it allows your lady parts to breathe. It can also help lower risks for genital problems plus level down temperature which can result in better sleep. Sleeping without undies have many benefits, which is why you should try it. If it works, then great! If not, stick to tip number

5. Go for a routine check-up

Never take annual checkups for granted, even those concerning your lady parts like pelvic exams. Fire your questions away and don’t be embarrassed about it. These are experts, after all, and won’t judge you.

6. Douching is a big no-no

There are reasons why experts say douching is bad. Douching is not cleaning your private parts, but instead flushing the inside of it with water. It is not advisable to do so even after sex, as it can significantly affect the pH level of your lady bits, and can also cause issues in the long run.

7. Go for a balanced and nutritious diet

A healthy diet along with adequate hydration helps keep your down-downs happy and healthy. Certain foods can help treat infections, while some are amazing enough to prevent them.

8. Practice safe sex

Always use a condom to make sure you don’t get infected with sexually transmitted infections like Herpes, Gonorrhea, and HIV. Also, if you’re into toys, never share your intimate toys to avoid spreading STIs.

The list may look overwhelming, but there are indeed more things that you can do for a healthy female genitalia. Always take care of your body, and never forget about your intimate parts. Don’t take your vajayjay for granted and it will do the same for you.