Identifying and Dealing with Sore Throat Allergies


Allergy is basically a term which describes the reaction of body tissues to an unusual substance that enters the body through air, water or food. In general, it has no distinctive or noticeable effect on other humans but it becomes a risk of life for some of us. 17 out of every 100 humans are hypersensitive, to some substances which are known to cause unusual reactions. When we were young, many a times we experienced cough, sore or itchy throat and then only our grandma’s home remedies could make our pain disappear. But this is not the script now, as we are grown up and understand the consequences of everything that we face. We are more likely to look for the quick fixes for almost everything. The common allergies which raise multiple questions about the health of an individual are nasal allergies, eye allergies, ear allergies, throat allergies and more.

Let’s Understand Throat Allergy!

Generally, we feel uneasy when there is any unwanted particle such as pollen that on entering the body irritates the throat; it is due to the bodily reaction to the allergen. Because the body does not accept the interference thus our immune system tries to protect us which causes pain or itchiness in the throat. There are multiple reasons for a single type of throat pain and irritation. Addressing the precise cause for each type can reduce the suffering and help alleviate sore throat allergies once and for all.

Some of the allergies are seasonal and some are perennial. Sensitivity from airborne particles such as pollen is seasonal. Perennial allergies are associated with:

Medication: Side effects from various medications cause dry coughs and itchy throats. These symptoms begin shortly after we take medications and stays until we receive any anti-allergic medication.

Infections: Bacteria and viruses are easily catchy as they flow in the air everywhere. Flu infection causes soreness in the throat accompanied with fever. It is only treated by proper diagnosis and medications.

Food reactions happen when our body reacts to something that we eat and it is going to harm our body somehow. Not in every case, sometimes the particles we intake are not exactly harmful but still create irritations for example beetroot.

Check out the troubles that a sore throat cause.

  • Cough and fever
  • Excessive swallowing
  • Throat irritation and itchiness
  • Difficulty speaking

Sore Throat Allergy Treatment:

Despite the advancement in technology, we still have only three basic and accepted approaches to cure throat allergies. The first step is to avoid the allergen. Eliminate the contact from the substance that doesn’t suit such as pollen, dust, mold, and animals. Unfortunately, it is often difficult hence avoidance is not effective. Another is medication. Throat allergy symptoms can be frequently controlled by medicines but they do not provide any permanent benefit. As long as you are taking your medicament, you feel relieved. Once you stop the consumption, the problem will re-occur. Ayurvedic treatment for a sore throat is believed to be the best cure, though it works slowly but offers a permanent solution. The last one is immunotherapy. When it becomes challenging to control allergen by avoidance and medications, the specialist alters the body’s active response by carefully injecting actual allergens to which a patient is sensitive.

Some home remedies are said to be the best way to recover from a sore and itchy throat. Either it is an allergy or any other disease, if the symptoms are disrupting the ability to live a comfortable life, a specialist must be consulted. If left untreated it can eventually lead to other complications.