John Clemenza Shares His Ideas on Staying Fit


Obesity is a glaring problem nowadays. While on the one hand, there is an increasing awareness among people about the need to stay fit physically, on the other hand, there is a significant percentage of people suffering from obesity and all of its side effects. John Clemenza is one of those individuals who are conscious of the need for physical fitness and thus takes the responsibility of spreading his knowledge on the subject as well.

Staying fit by making little amends in the daily life is not rocket science; each adult is capable of doing this by them. But sadly, most people find it a difficult thing to maintain by them and end up going to a gym. At the gym, they do lose their weight within a short period, and after getting excited about it, they discontinue the exercises. This is what takes them downhill from here, and they start putting on weight rapidly.

The gym is like a shortcut to your slimming down regime but is not as healthy and durable as free hand exercises. The less you depend on some equipment to help you get into shape, the better; but this aspect again should not disillusion you, and you cannot understand what kind of fitness regime you need to follow. The moment you feel you are in a dilemma that is the best time for you to seek help from a professional, either from a licensed physical trainer or a doctor who could suggest whom to go to for help.

What you need to do is chalk out a plan for exercising and then stick to it, in this way, you are sure to achieve the desired result for your health. John Clemenza, from Hawaii, is just 18 years, and yet his awareness of the importance of maintaining health and fitness is something that is unique.  He has a very active and happy lifestyle and has experienced the benefits of living life in a healthy; this is probably why his social media blogs are seen to have suggestions on how to live a healthy life.

One thing that needs to be clearly understood whenever the issue of health and fitness is being talked about is that it is not just your physical body that needs to stay fit at all times, but your mental health too ought to be taken care of properly, for you to have an overall healthy life. Again staying fit physically does in no way connote that you need to develop great biceps and triceps and show them off along with chiselled and toned abs. Instead, it would refer to you being away from any illness and discomfort in your body.

In reality, a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy mind and body; eating the right things at the right time, exercising regularly, and giving adequate rest to the body from time to time, are the ingredients to a happy and healthy life.