Setting Viable Personal Development Goals


Setting personal development goals does not have to wait for the turn of the year. Any committed individual can set business, personal, school, work-related and/or relationship, goals at any time of the year. To master a higher degree of self, you should know brands like Practice-U, which keep you motivated and focused. You can check their website here.

People either set unattainable goals or procrastinate along the way. The following are top tips for setting realistic and attainable resolutions.

  1. Setting a List of Priorities

Successful people are distinguished from unsuccessful ones in the way they set their priorities. Every person must define what is most important in life. Family, business, work, and relationships are easily some of the most important things in a person’s life.

For example, when a person’s business is of greatest importance, he wakes up early to attend to business and leaves late. The same is also true for a student who wants to score better grades. One spends more energy, time and resources to nurture what is dearest. Otherwise, hopping from one thing to another and trying to please everyone is a sure way to failure.

  1. Keeping Fit and Healthy

When one is physically and mentally unwell or unfit, he might never attain anything of value. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle enables people to focus on other goals. A student who regularly skips classes to see the doctor is likely to score poor grades come end of term.

The absence of disease does not mean wellness. People must exercise and workout most days of the week. Visiting the doctor even when not sick goes a long way. Eating a balanced diet equips the body with vital building blocks for energy.

  1. Spending Time Wisely

Social media is among the top time-wasters today. People spend hours on end chattering. Instead, one can keep off typical time-killing habits and focus on valuable undertakings. The simple habit of focusing on important stuff becomes a lifestyle when properly practiced.

At the end of each day, one should look back and identify how the 24 hours were spent. If a person realizes that the time spent was wasted, he or she must compensate for the lost time the following day. To keep tabs on one’s progress, it is important to keep a diary of accomplishments.

  1. Developing One Step at a Time

Humans can only do so much on a specific day. Nobody is created with a computer mind. It is therefore important to learn and perfect one habit at a time. If one has resolved to write a book, for example, one should write only a couple of pages every day.

Being over-ambitious can actually be negative. Humans become easily distracted. It is far better to take make little successful steps than making giant unsure ones. For this reason, personal development goals must be measurable and quantifiable.

  1. Surrounding Oneself with Successful People or Groups

Humans must get out of their personal comfort zones to attain anything notable. Surrounding oneself with successful people can lead to personal success. While it is not always easy, it challenges one to set sights higher than they already are.

Staying around success-minded people breeds success. One does not have to physically meet role models. Reading books written by and about great people is a sure way to attain personal development goals.


There is so much to do in today’s world. From family commitments to schooling, working and operating businesses, time flies past quickly. Learning something new each week is a prudent habit attainable goal. A marketing professional who actively and deliberately learns new tricks of reaching prospects on social media will likely be successful.