Substance Abuse in Families



Substance abuse is usage of psychoactive products which includes illegal drugs and alcohol which cab ne extremely harmful for the well being of a person. One can easily fall prey to dependence syndrome once he starts taking these psychoactive substances up to an extent that he craves for it and consumes it in a patterned manner. The consumer finds it very difficult to control his urges and cravings and if he anyhow manages to do it, he can experience fatal side effects like seizures, anxiety attacks, depression, etc. substance abuse is a very big problem not only for the consumer but his family also suffers a lot into all this. Please click on for complete details.

Impact of Substance Abuse on Family

How substance abuse affects families of the abuser? Let’s have a look below:

  • Feeling of Jealousy – The abuser can become jealous of his family members, friends and even office colleagues, etc. This feeling of jealousy can detach him physically and emotionally with all his near and dear ones.
  • Negativity – There will be an environment of negativity every time the abuser is around his family members. There will be discussions about his bad habits and substance abuse. Negative vibes tend to take over the family completely.
  • Conflicts – A substance abuser will always follow his cravings and urges which will cost his family time. There are more chances of conflicts in the house. The abuser will be under influence of drugs and can enter into conflict with his partner or children.
  • Financial Conflicts – When a person is completely addictive to drugs which are very expensive, he will tend to spend all his savings on drugs. As a result his family will be under tremendous financial crisis which can lead to financial conflicts.
  • Emotional Breakdowns – Emotional breakdowns is a side effect of substance abuse. Study reveals that substance abusers tend to have emotional breakdown on a higher level as compared to normal people. Even the family members can experience emotional breakdowns because of the abuser.
  • Cheating – Many times people abuser tends to forget what is ethical and what is not resulting into some unethical behavior like cheating on the spouse, etc. He might also get involved in some other unethical practices.
  • Separation – Abnormal and unethical behavior of abuser can lead him to get separated from his families. There are various instances where families of the abuser have left him alone in the rehab center or got legally separated.
  • Domestic Violence – Substance abusers can turn into domestic violence doers. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol a person can turn violent harming his family and friends. Legal proceedings are then conducted on the abusers.
  • Kids can also become Addictive – Studies have revealed that there are many cases of repeated patterns within the families of the abusers. For example the kids also follow the footsteps of their abuser parents and start consuming drugs and alcohol ultimately turning them into a substance abuser themselves.
  • Health Problems – There are various health related serious problems with substance abusers and also for his family members. Children can suffer severe brain damages due the second hand smoke in the household.


Substance abuse not only adversely affects the consumer but also his family members’ lives. The entire family should help and support the abuser by taking him to so that he can overcome his addiction and lead a healthy life.