Test your seasonal syndrome?


Test Guide:

Li xiao zhao said: when the warm and cold, the most difficult to interest. When the seasons change, people’s moods also tend to change. In fact, the hot and cold climate, busy work.It is easiest for us to get the change of seasons. Do you suffer a seasonal syndrome? Take a look at the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

  • Bad weather often makes your mood worse?
  1. Yes (continue to question 2)
  2. No (continue to question 3)
  • When you’re sitting, you’re used to putting your legs up?
  1. Yes (continue to question 4)
  2. No (continue to question 5)
  • The food you eat is usually plain?
  1. Yes (continue to question 4)
  2. No (continue to question 6)
  • You talk to people in a harsh way, and sometimes you don’t care about the consequences?
  1. Yes (continue to question 6)
  2. No (continue to question 5)
  • You often lose your mind and can’t think?
  1. Yes (continue to question 8)
  2. No (continue to question 7)
  • You feel like you have a passion for your career?
  1. Yes (continue to question 7)
  2. No (continue to question 9)
  1. Yes (continue to question 8)
  2. No (continue to question 9)
  • When you see the flow of people on the street, you feel strangely irritable and not?
  1. Yes (continue to question 10)
  2. No (continue to question 11)
  • You often fantasize about being very personal and different from your life?
  1. Yes (continue to question 12)
  2. No (continue to question 10)
  • Before you go to bed, you always read books for a while?
  1. Yes (continue to question 12)
  2. No (continue to question 11)
  • You’re familiar with the current music.
  1. Yes (continue to Type A)
  2. No (continue to Type B)
  • You always have a lot of friends and don’t spend your spare time at home.
  1. Yes (continue to Type D)
  2. No (continue to Type C)

Test Result:

Type A:  You show a spiritual loss and emptiness during the season.In today’s society, the era of rapid development.The cells in our bodies are already inactive.We are immersed in computer games and TV programs.The ability to think without thinking.Usually we are very busy, but we feel that we don’t know what to think. Our bodies, minds and hearts are numb.You will feel lost and bored during the season.It is recommended that you read philosophy books during the season.Let the wisdom of the sage enlighten your mind, let your brain cells reactivate, and feel the energy of life and the fullness of life.

Type B:  During the season, you often feel exhausted.Very annoyed.Every time the seasons change, you feel tired, and many unpleasant memories come into your life without rhyme or reason, making you feel miserable.You know, life towels have a lot of good things.But you can’t focus on these things.You feel a sense of uneasiness that is haunting you.In fact.This season, it’s best to let yourself relax, watch TV series, laugh or cry, all of which can let you get a lot of rape.Such mood is appropriate.The good things around you will be noticed again.In fact.Life is always bitter, and sometimes you have to learn to face them.

Type C:  One of the most common symptoms of a season is that you are at a loss.This is because you feel there is no hope and no way out.When the seasons change, you feel that everything is not angry.There was only one sour in the heart.In fact, at this time, you can tidy up the clothes, or write the day.You will find that many of your forgotten dreams have been mothballed for too long.It is only because you give up that your life becomes dull.If you believe in your dreams.If you do not give up easily, you will reap beautiful fruits.

Type D:  When the seasons.The emotion you often feel is boring.Perhaps you have become used to the life you are living, and your knowledge of life has been shaped.Forget that there is happiness in life.There is also touch in life.When the seasons alternate, there is a sense of sadness and boredom.In fact, you just life is too plain, and you have become accustomed to the happiness around you.If you can pay attention to the little bits of happiness around you and reexperience the happiness, you can find the joy.The season is even more so.The terrible thing was that his heart was numb.