The Miracle Molecule Present In The Keto Diet – BHB


Researchers and scientists are currently undergoing studies in order to ascertain if this ingredient does, in fact, help people in living longer. A team of researchers is currently working tirelessly to ascertain if they can distill all the benefits of the ketogenic diet into one pill. If this feat could really be pulled off, it could make for a healthier and empowered world.

The ketogenic diet has attained a lot of popularity in recent times. However, its fame cannot just be attributed to weight loss. The ketogenic diet contains a potential miracle molecule known as the beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). There have been two rather high-profile studies that have been conducted recently. These studies showcase the insane properties of this ingredient that could help people do more than merely lose a few pounds. If all you wish to do is drop a couple of pounds, Keto Slim on can help you do just that quickly and effortlessly. Check it out!

The Study

As a part of this study, a couple of mice were fed the keto diet, and the results were miraculous. They experienced an increased lifespan in addition to better motor and cognitive functioning. This study and its fantastic results have led researchers to wonder if the Ketogenic diet could potentially help in curing Alzheimer’s or improving our brain health in general.

Researchers also believe that the increase in the lifespan of mice on a sustained keto diet is due to the BHB in their bloodstream that is present in a high concentration on a Keto diet.

What Is BHB?

The body produces a total of three Ketones when it is subjected to a high-fat, low-carb diet or in a state of fasting. One such Ketone is BHB. Irrespective of whether you are fasting or on a sustained Keto diet, the body naturally modifies the main source of energy that is provided by glucose or carbohydrates to stored fat. BHB is formed in the body when fat breaks down. This molecule works as an alternate source of energy for all the parts of the body in addition to the brain. It is also important to note here that as mentioned above, three Ketones in the body are produced during Ketosis – BHB, acetoacetate, and acetone. However, the presence of BHB in the bloodstream is significantly more than the other Ketones.

Challenging Diet

Even though BHB has been found to increase the lifespan of mice on a controlled Keto diet, the results might not be the same in humans. Although research points to favorable outcomes in this regard, there is still a lot of research to be done to understand the practicality of this diet. Another problem arising in this context is that most nutritionists tend to be against the Keto diet. This is because it is challenging for most people to pull off this diet.

In any case, it cannot be argued that the Keto diet does come with a share of benefits that can help humans lose weight and lead healthy lifestyles.